Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grammie's Update

My dear ones, you have been so patient waiting for news. I don't have an abundance but I do have some! Carrie said that the hives have gotten worse and they have been giving her Benadryl. They keep saying that it is nothing and we think it probably isn't, but Carrie told them there have been too many times from the onset that it was nothing and she wants a dermatologist called in. They will do it after the weekend. That as you know is the problem in hospitals, the weekend is a time when not much happens! They haven't called Children's yet as it is the weekend, but we hope tomorrow isn't still the weekend and they can call to see about getting her transferred. They have mentioned this week as she has been fever free for 4 days. Yeah! Carrie and Glen both had her practicing sitting up both yesterday and today. She has been doing great. I know that she will fly when they get her on her way. 

Amanda and Carrie went to Oakland Presbyterian Church for worship this morning and Amanda wants to go again next week. That is great. Carrie said the service was very good and the message was spot on! We all really were impressed by their pastor on Christmas Eve and she didn't disappoint.

I am missing all three of my King girls and look forward to going over after New Years. They are very lucky to have the use of Art's place that is only 10 minutes from the hospital. Amanda has gotten quite good on her scooter and is so enjoying it. She fell last week while playing on some bars and has a black eye and a swollen face and her nose bruise is now greenish. I guess it is lovely! Carrie said that Amanda looked in the mirror and stated how she was all better. Carrie thinks she must not know what she looks like!!!

We appreciate the swallowing prayers and you took care of the fever. Lets hope the hives take a Leave of Absence and she doesn't get too sad when ever Carrie leaves the room. Carrie is hoping to stay with Amanda tonight and Glen with Julia, we shall see if that can work out. Glen said that when Carrie left for church today Julia cried for quite a while. That is good and bad! We are glad that she is aware, but sad that she is sad. Sweet little pumpkin.

I love you all and appreciate you to the moon and back!
Grammie Jen


  1. glad to hear of progress. many small bits add up.

  2. I am hoping for a happy, healthy and wildly healing year for the King/Sorensen families. Its great to see that Julia has been fever-free for 4 days!!!

    Love, Tina