Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grammie Report

Well my patient sweet angels, you have been awaiting the news from the meeting etc. My sweet pea will be moving to Oakland Children's Hospital after Christmas. She will be there in their ICU for a day to train people on the use of the ventilator and her trach. Then she will go to the floor for her rehab. She will stay there as long as she is making progress and doesn't plateau! I am of course sure that she will excel mightily and not have to stay too long as she will be doing so well and not being static.

It sounds like a long process but I know with all the love and help of her band of angels we will make short work of it, in a manner of speaking!

She had her windpipe looked at today and found that her vocal chords vibrate which means no paralysis of them! Yeah girl! We are hoping that with that and swallowing prayers she will be able to function much better! We were very excited with that report! 

Glen said that she had a great day and they are trying to take her off the blood pressure medication and see how she does. She sat up in her special chair for around 3 hours which is fabulous. I think she is getting ready to see Santa when he visits the hospital tomorrow morning. We are hoping he will be able to see her and we can get a picture with him! We took Amanda to see him today and it was very lovely. She asked if he was going to see Julia tomorrow and we aren't quite sure what his reply was! It was hard to not have Julia with us when we went, but Amanda had been talking about it for days. We had hoped that Santa would visit Julia on a day when Amanda could be there too, but just didn't work out:(

Carrie came in at a late hour last night and we didn't get to talk until later this morning and this is my first chance to post so thanks for being so patient!

Carrie and Amanda have Amanda's Christmas program tomorrow evening and we are hoping that Glen will be able to be there in time. They will then go back to Oakland and all staying thru Christmas. We are so lucky that Francesca's brother has offered his house for Christmas eve and Christmas for our family! My neice Laura's Art is going to be out of town until the 5th of January so that is another home in Oakland that is being opened to them. We are so very blessed!

The doctors are very optomistic about Julia and they say that there is no doubt that she is understanding what is being said and is very aware. She has been working very hard on all the therapy that they give her and is really trying to control her legs and arms. That is a lot of tiring hard work.

I am planning on going over tomorrow morning to kiss, cuddle,sing and read! Hopefully I won't drive everyone nuts! Glen's dad and Carole are coming in the afternoon and I will be going to see my amazing mom. We will all be in Oakland for Christmas eve and Christmas with the Sorensen side of the family. We only wish that Dennis and his crew could join us, but since we are infringing on the kindness of others Our group will be large enough!!!
Will give an update after massive kissing and such tomorrow.

Once again I will tell you all that you are so very special and an important part of this recovery process. We love you all and send blessings to you all.
Love you
Grammie Jen


  1. I look forward to and appreciate these nightly updates so much!! All this progress sounds great and I know this amazing little girl will continue to amaze us!!

  2. Thank you so much for the update Grammie Jen, you are so awesome! We are so glad to hear the good news. It will take patience but Julia will thrive, she is persistent and a hard worker. I am glad you will be together for Xmas and I hope you all have a wonderful time. We will be thinking about you and hoping that all your wishes come true :)

  3. The Green family wishes the Sorensen & King families a blessed Christmas. We so appreciate this blog, and we are sending Julia love and strength for continued progress and healing. xoxo

  4. The Phillips' in Lansing, Michigan, pray for Amazing Julia's speedy recovery every day. We look forward to the updates.