Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Update

I hope you all had a day filled with hope, peace, love and joy! After an excited realization that Santa had found us in the Oakland hills, Amanda found that she had gotten her razor scooter and even more exciting it had light up wheels!!! Santa even left a note saying that he had kissed Julia at the hospital but wasn't sure where she was going to be so he left her stocking with Amanda! Julia had an excellent night and a wonderful start to her day! She had visits from Grandpa and Amanda and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelly. I got over to see her at about 1:30 and then Uncle Vince, Aunt Heather and Grandpa Don stopped by. They took her off precautions and planned to transfer her today, then they changed their minds and said they would wait til tomorrow. I was lucky enough to have her to myself for the whole afternoon and we were great until 4 when she started to cry and get very agitated with a high heart rate. After about an hour I was getting quite concerned so the nurse and I got her back in bed and thought she had gotten a lot of body heat from me! Needless to say she had a fever of 103.4 and was on fire! We called in the icu doc and started putting cool cloths on her to cool her down. We gave her Tylenol in her ng tube and Carrie came back. They will be running tests on her and another chest X-ray tomorrow. It may be a virus so we will see - I think she was mad that they kept changing when they were transferring her and wants to go Thursday like they originally said!!!! We will see! By the time I left, the Tylenol had kicked in and she was her smiley cute self!! Still overall a good day! I am typing as we drive thru the driving rain to return home! It keeps us appreciating our comfy homes and dry clothes! We are so lucky! 

Hope you all had a wonderful day and stayed warm and cozy.

Your prayers and thoughts on health and swallowing are much a gift to us! We love you all and look for a good day tomorrow and a smooth transfer soon!
Grammie Jen


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