Friday, December 28, 2012

Well, my angel had a good day with Aunt Bill and no fever! He got to see her smile for the first time and was surprised that she looked bigger! He also reported that he felt she was seeing something. He couldn't tell how much or what but felt she was and I have to agree as I felt that a couple of days ago. She was transferred back to the original room in the PICU as the window room was the overflow room and there aren't enough patients to use so back to the dungeon! The good news is that they are fixing it so Carrie can stay in the room tonight. That is very good news. Bill sent me a couple of pics of her and was sad that he didn't get one with a smile, but they are of him holding my girl and telling her how much she is loved. Love it!!!
We don't know when they will transfer her but are hoping it is soon. We really want the therapy to get into high gear. We know that she will excel!
It is very brisk and chilly here both all day and tonight. We were lucky enough to spend the evening with very good friends and had a wonderful time. It was nice to not be driving somewhere, but I have to admit that I miss all three of my girls - especially my sweet pea and kissing those toes!

Carrie was in Santa Rosa today and is trying to get Julia signed up for social security so that she can qualify for CCS and other services. We shall see what comes up. Carrie got back and is with Julia now and very happy that they are letting her stay in the room with Julia. They missed each other very much. Glen is with Amanda at Arts house and that is only 10 minutes away.

Am looking forward to exciting news of good things from Carrie tomorrow. I know that good things are unfolding, my girl is ready to get this behind her!!! She wants so stroller walks and practice using her hands and feet much more. The swallowing will also be worked on I am sure.
Love you all and thank you for your continuing prayers and thoughts. This journey is certainly made doable with your help.
Grammie Jen

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  1. She does look bigger, she is growing and getting stronger with all the love she is getting :)