Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grammie Update

My dear sweet angels, I am sorry that this is so late but I couldn't leave my sweet pea as all I wanted to do was keep holding and kissing her!!! Her bed has so many angels and hearts on it that you know this little one is always in the hearts and prayers of so many!!!!! We are so blessed to have you all in our lives!!!!

Today was wonderful for me as I held my dear one close to my heart!!! My Carrie was very generous with me! I sang kissed and kissed some more! She actually slept some lovely sleep for a couple of hours in my arms! I had to let her go to change her poop, yea poop, filled diaper. She smiled so much her little face probably was tired!!! Not from the poop but it could have been!!!
We were very lucky to have Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tom come visit and also cousin Laura! It was grand! It is always a treat to see them!

Our girl seems to rest a bit better here as there aren't as many alarms which is wonderful! There is a definite learning curve for both us and the nursing staff. I think it will get better with each day!!! I am so proud of both my sweet pea and her mommy- they are terrific!
I am anxious for a bit more kissing and singing tomorrow! Looking forward to a better and stronger day tomorrow!
Thank you for all your love and support - it means the world to us!
May you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!
With much love
Grammie Jen

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