Friday, December 7, 2012

Grammie Report: Big Smiles

Oh what joy was on my sweet pea's face as she took a stroller walk in the hall today!!! It was such excitement- her face was all smiles and it was so big most times you could see her teeth!!! I will try to post a picture but I can only catch our Mona Lisa smiles - that girl has been tricky with me for two years! OT and PT set her up in a special stroller and took her to a special play room on the floor to work! She was so happy and did such a good job sitting upright! She actually was off oxygen the whole day and did well! She got pretty tired by the second stroller walk and started falling asleep during therapy. She is still in need of a bit of an afternoon snooze like her Grammie!!! I got to sing and do lots of kisses and I left her in the wonderful arms of her Nona! Grandpa Don is staying with her tonight and that enabled me to drive Carrie home to have a night with Glen and Amanda! They will get their Christmas tree tomorrow and do the decorating! Julia will be in the loving arms of Nona and Grandpa Don! Carrie and Glen and Amanda will join them in the afternoon and tell her all about what they did! She loves to hear happy things and hear how they look! She brought her eyes to midline which was so exciting- we know that she'll be seeing things soon!
You all have done a great job on poop and other things -we now need to work on swallowing. I am sure she'll get it, just needs her band of angels to help her!!!

She got more hearts and angels in the mail! What a loved sweet pea! You are so amazing! You have held us so close to your hearts and prayers that we are truly uplifted!
I hope you had a bit of our joy in your day too!
Love you all
Grammie Jen

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  1. These pictures bring tears to my eyes, every little step brings her closer and closer. We will keep the positive thoughts going toward swelling. She is an angel!