Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good News!

My faithful angels, you are very good indeed! My sweet pea had tons of tests and they show nothing! Her fever is gone and her WBC is down. Carrie held her a bunch and Glen just went home. The docs want to watch her for a day or two and then move her back to children's! We still don't know what is going on with her oxygen saturation and why she has breathing problems but I guess they will be working on that! I got to talk to her by phone and Carrie and it was very fun! I will give an eye witness account tomorrow as I will be seeing her before I go to Santa Rosa to help with Amanda and let them switch places Thursday afternoon. I often wonder who is on first!!!!
I do believe you all had a lot to do with nailing the WBC and fever! Keep up the good work! Back to swallowing work!
You are the best and I am continually amazed by your strength and dedication to my family!
Love hugs and kisses
Grammie Jen

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