Monday, December 3, 2012

A good day

My little angel had a pretty darn good day! Mommy held her this morning and daddy had her this afternoon. One of the relief nurses held her when she was alone while Carrie and Glen were driving to switch places! We were all very happy that he saw her and picked her up since mommy and daddy were not able to be there! Her blood pressure was too high this morning and then too low this afternoon. They are still working on it! I talked to her via speaker phone both this am and pm. I was told she smiled and wiggled her toes - that made me very happy!!!
Amanda was having trouble sleeping without mommy around so since she was exhausted Carrie went home. I hope she will stay for two days and try to get some rest.
My angel is waiting to be held and sung to by Grammie - I just know it! They practiced her holding her head and she did it for several seconds! Yeah my girl! She also has a special seat for her to practice sitting up in and she did
great! I am very proud of her. She also has two poops and they are going to increase the "food" intake volume. That girl is getting stronger!

I hope you all enjoyed this lovely day!

I know that after a healing and peaceful sleep for all my babes will have a terrific day tomorrow!
I love each of you and hope a prayer will also be sent for aunt Bills surgery on his wrist tomorrow! We need him better so Julia won't miss him any more!
Love you all!!!
Grammie Jen
Hanging out at one of Julia's favorite places, the creek near her home.


  1. Extremely happy to hear such wonderful news, that girls is awesome. Keep the fight up Julia and the whole troop :)

  2. Wonderful progress!