Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to you all! Carrie, Amanda, Terry and I just came from the candlelight service at Oakland Presbyterian Church! It was a lovely service in a 100 year old sanctuary with a most magnificent pipe organ! It was a great service and brought to mind not only the magnificent story of the first Christmas but also wonderful memories of Christmas's past with all of our friends and family. It is amazing how strangers can become friends so easily!

We are now with Julia reading Christmas stories and cuddling! The best! Julia got very smiley at the thought of Grandpa eating Santa's cookies!

Julia had a good smiley day, playing with her big sister and doing a good job with her therapy! She finished her course of antibiotics, had a blood transfusion and had her broviac removed! Wow! She has a bit of hives and is in restriction since she might have a bit of something what we aren't sure! They are putting out cookies for Santa here at the hospital and we will put them out at the house where we are staying! Such excitement! Back to major kissing and loving!

Have a wonderful evening and a joyous Christmas!

Grammie Jen


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