Monday, December 10, 2012

Busy Day--back to PICU

My dear angel warriors! It has been a busy day for our little one. She had a fever of 102 this morning and then no fever at the next reading but her WBC was up a bit. They decided to move her back to the PICU at Oakland Kaiser. She was transferred back this morning and had a full body scan to see what's cooking.

Carrie had Glen's brother Vince come to Santa Rosa and he is staying with Amanda and

Carrie went back to Oakland. The good part for now is that she is on the other side of the building in the PICU room that have windows and as of this afternoon was the only one in the room. We shall see how that goes! Unfortunately until they read the Cat scan Carrie and Glen can't hold her and she is one very unhappy little lady! Hopefully that will be on taken care of soon. My poor little sweet pea! I guess before they had decided to move her she had a great PT session at Childrens. Now they don't even know if there will be a bed when she is ready to go back. Crazy goings on!

I am planning on going somewhere on Wednesday - I had planned to go to a big meeting of all the docs and therapists anyway, but now I will go wherever they need me.

I am waiting to hear what is the word from Glen and Carrie. I will update you all when I hear.
Your prayers and thoughts continue to uplift and hold us ever tight. Thank you so much.
Grammie Jen


  1. All our love and extra good thoughts are with you and our little angel.