Saturday, December 22, 2012

Truly amazing

My girl is so amazing!!! Nona was with her most of today and had been noticing that her mouth was moving so much more and that she seemed so aware! Nona played the video of Julia singing Shenandoah and she was certain that Julia was mouthing the words!!!! What a Christmas gift and joy! I was so lucky to stop and see my little sweet pea this afternoon and she was definitely looking good and smiling a lot and I was so happy to see her and kiss her toes a bunch and love that chickadee! Aunt Nancy was there along with Uncle Tom and Carrie. Aunt Nancy stayed to help change the trach and then Carrie went with her cousin Laura to see Art's place that he is lending them for about a week and a bit. Laura got it all ready and Patty went to the store to bring in a few treats. What a wonderful gift. Not as exciting as Julia mouthing words but pretty darn special! Carrie was reading a story to Julia this evening and Julia definitely was mouthing things in the story! Miracle for sure!!!
You are all amazing also and working hard on my sweet pea. Keep working on the swallowing piece please! I know you can do it!!!
Remember that tomorrow is the fourth Sunday of Advent and we light the candle of Love. Hope Peace Joy and Love are definitely here for sure!
Stay warm and dry and enjoy the rest of your evening and your day tomorrow.
I appreciate and love each and everyone of you as do my whole family and especially Julia and her family!
Grammie Jen

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