Sunday, December 16, 2012

Working Hard

My little angel is trying so hard to get better! We just have to beat this infection or whatever is causing her to have a 102 fever. Carrie and I were talking about the ventilator and there are many reasons to have her on it, but the longer she is on it the more chances to get a real lung infection that can become a huge deal. It is a bit frustrating and I am praying for her doctors to think all about this and get her better. They have done a good job so far and I know that something wonderful will happen as we begin this third week of advent. I know that we will feel the joy of it all soon! The joy as been coming in bits and pieces and we are so thankful for all that we have had. My girl is moving more and we know that she is hearing us and understanding so much. Carrie is with her tonight and is setting up a family meeting with the docs and staff to get her game plan laid out and answer our questions!
Julia had a nice visit with her friend
Finn, Francesca and Amanda. Her uncle Vince and Heather came by also - another busy day for my sweet pea. Carrie said that she was quite tired and did a lot of sleeping in mommy's arms. I am hoping that Carrie will be allowed to sleep by her bed tonight as Carrie seems to do better being closer to her girl. We are sad that so many other little kiddos are so sick and glad that they are getting great care and hope that the docs will scrape out a little time to answer Carrie's questions tomorrow on why some things have been falling thru the cracks. We are happy that we aren't as serious anymore, but hope to move leaps and bounds forward!

We escaped without the rain during the day today and we shall see what the night brings us! Hope you all had a lovely day and stayed warm and dry! We do so much appreciate and love the strong love and strength that you all send us - you give us the ability to get through each and every day! Angels each and everyone of you and your extended crew.
Love and hugs,
Grammie Jen
Julia with Finn, February 2011

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  1. I really hope yo get the answers and the right steps to follow. Thinking about you all and wishing the fever goes away soon.