Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nona Report

Nona spent most of Saturday with Julia and sends this report:

Yesterday was a very nice day for most of it.  I gave her a total bath with a baby cream massage after.  She is great kicking her feet on comand and likes to swing them back and forth.  When I told her some stories about times we had spent together she smiled!  She did it a few times when I would say things that would normally get a smile out of her (Did you just pee on me Julia??).  She also smiled when I was trying to teach Grandpa how to sing a lullaby to her (he was spending the night) and I made a joke about how bad the singing was!  
Mom, Dad and Amanda showed up at dinner time and Mom and I ate with Julia while Grandpa, Dad and Amanda went downstairs to eat.  The room is not big enough for all of us.  We did open a few presents and Amanda got a book and puppet to read to her sister.  She knew all the words (Five little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed).  Julia clearly enjoyed having her family around her.  However, before we left we had an incident where she stopped breathing and was not able to start up again without help.  We had to call the nurses who were quick in responding and had to "bag her" a few times to restart her breathing.  It was upsetting for all of us, including Amanda who had a lot of questions.  However, within a few minutes Julia was back to her normal color and breathing.  Grandpa and I took Amanda home to Aunt Samantha's house for the night and Carrie joined us some hours later. 
Back at the cousins house on Sunday morning Amanda made a Christmas chain with the help of cousin Connor to decorate Julia's crib with.  She also took a tiny Christmas tree for her sister.  We now are off to see her sister!


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