Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy day

My dear sweet hardworking angels! You are so faithful and I was so hoping to give you all the info but I only have bits!!
I do know that Julia had a very good day and that the meeting was long and chock full of info to process etc. I also was told that it was good! Yea!! They did try to scope her vocal chords twice but my girl was just too juicy for them to get a look!! We really have to work on the swallowing!!! The poops are going great, fever is down and she is just precious but you already know that!!!! 

Carrie is staying with Glen and Julia either all night or until quite late. It is hard to talk in icu and they don't talk over Julia's head if they can help it! We know she hears all and does understand quite a bit!

I hope to give a full report when I get it tomorrow!

Love you all and know your prayers and thoughts make a huge difference! You Are all the best! Much love and many hugs
Grammie Jen

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