Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the move

Amazing new news! My little sweet pea is going over to Oakland Children's Hospital tomorrow morning to begin rehab! Glen went over today and saw the room etc. he is excited for her and impressed. She will be in a room with one roommate and it has windows! Yeah! They do lots of play therapy and Carrie and Glen will be taking over some of her care - she will probably get to wear some clothes though she still has the broviac in her femoral and right now it has a bunch hooked up to it. We aren't sure how the feeds will go as it has been a very slow intake but I am sure they are set up and ready for her.

Carrie will go over to Kaiser right after she gets Amanda off to school. Friends will pick up Amanda from school and watch her until Glen can get there in the afternoon. I am sure they both want to help get Julia settled! Please send Glen good healing thoughts as he is not feeling so good this evening. I think the lack of proper sleep is catching up with him as it did with Carrie! Hopefully they will be able to get more rest in the new facility. They unfortunately don't qualify for the Ronald Macdonald type house as they live just under 70 miles away. I am sure it will all work out as my girl gets stronger and better each and every day!

Your prayers and thoughts are so keeping us strong - thank you all for your continued coverage of us - it is so very appreciated and makes us so blessed!
Thank you and love to one and all!

Grammie Jen


  1. Yeah!!!! Such good news, I am so happy I am going to sleep with a great big smile :)