Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grammie's Update

My dear ones, my girl had a pretty good day. They had to work on keeping her blood pressure down and her ng tube got pulled out and had to be replaced. I just want to grab my little sweet pea and hold her close and safe - oh if it was only so easy!

Carrie and Glen both held her a lot and Carrie spent over an hour reading to both Julia and Amanda. Glen took Amanda home tonight and Carrie is staying in the PICU. I am not sure when they will switch next but they are going to try it without me for a few days. I will go back on Thursday and then visit my mom before I go see Amanda and then onward to home. Thank you all for my many birthday wishes - it was a great day! Kev and Kelly and Peter made dinner and we got the Christmas tree up and decorated! It is ever so beautiful! I loved it all - my real present will be when I get to hold my sweet pea and she is smiling at her silly grammie! That should be this Thursday. I will be trying to get some baking and toffee done this week plus a bit back to the gym! I am in desperate need!
Hope you all had a wonderful first day of advent filled with hope.

I love you all and want to thank you for your continuing prayers and support. 

Grammie Jen

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