Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A good day

What a wonderful day for me and I do believe my sweetie Julia! Also a good one for my Carrie!
Julia had no fever and did awesome this am on pt. I got there about 12:30 and Carrie was holding her. We had to get her ready for her cat scan and went down with her and her entourage! She didn't have to be sedated which was great! We didn't get the results yet but probably tomorrow am! I then got to hold, sing, read and kiss a ton! We were both so happy! Mommy got to take a real walk and clear out all cobwebs as it was a beautiful very brisk cold day!!! I put my girl down for ot and it was fabulous! She tried so hard and did well! The family meeting has been scheduled for 8:30 am tomorrow. Both Carrie and Glen and Uncle Wally will be there with the docs. We are very excited! The earliest they may transfer her would be after Christmas. I held her for 3 hours after ot and then finally had to put her down so I could get here to Santa Rosa so Glen could get to Oakland tonight in order to be on time for tomorrow! I will be here with Amanda. I am so thankful for my Terry and Cecelia for helping me to be able to come! It was such a good thing all the way around! 

My angel's smiles so warm my heart! I even think she saw my red blinking Rudolph nose! Not sure what she was able to see but she smiled huge when I held it in front of her eyes! That was very exciting! She has been getting her eyes close to midline more and more- very exciting happenings!

You, my loyal and supportive band of angels, keep us on the right track and help us see each little miracle !! Thank you all and bless and keep you tight in an embrace of pure love.

Grammie Jen

A PS from Francesca: If anyone would like to help out the King family by providing meals, we have set up a Meal Train website for them: http://www.mealtrain.com?id=m4u0ytvq32jt 


  1. Thank you Grammie Jen, your updates mean so much to us :)

  2. So glad that Julia's fever is gone! Thank you for the updates!