Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Better Day

Dear angels,  you are keeping us all on track and in hugs and love! You make a world of difference!!
Julia had a tough day yesterday as we lead up to her surgery. The surgery as you know showed a ruptured appendix, but we had a great surgical team to take care of her. After surgery she gave us quite a scare as her blood pressure did a real nose dive. They pushed fluid two different times to bring it back up. A very scary time! But our girl rode it out until they got more pain mess going which helped big time. She slept as did Carrie and today just had a couple of doses of morphine. The great thing was Carrie was able to hold her for over an hour and a half and they both loved it. Krista, Carrie's good friend flew up for the weekend and stayed and held Julia for a couple of hours while Carrie went home to go to Amanda's school program. Glen's dad was also there and Glen got back tonight. We love having so much love around our little sweet pea! They also worked on having Julia try to sit up today which was quite a hard job for her but as she relaxed she got a bit better! Yeah we are making progress!
I am missing being with my girls but am happy to be home with my boys! I will be planning my days on a day to day hour to hour game plan! No boredom here!
I love you all and appreciate each and everyone of you and each and every thought and prayer! You are magnificent!
Love and a wonderful night as we begin advent tomorrow!
Grammie Jen


  1. Thank you so much for keeping us al updated. It makes being so far away a little easier.


  2. Forward, forward, forward.