Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grammie Update

My girl had a nice time sleeping in her mommy's arms today! She slept for a couple of hours and smiled at her mommy and sister a lot. She missed having Francesca come to visit as Francesca had a fever. Bummer! Grandpa Don spent a lot of time playing with her and reading etc. he and Nona were sad to go home, which I know all too well! Her oxygen saturation levels are still all over the place - not sure what is going on. Carrie is going to call me later to give me another update. I will try to let you know what she says. Glen is staying at the hospital again tonight and Carrie took Amanda home. Julia was running a temp this morning so she might have a virus or something. Hopefully it will be fast under control!
We are so thankful that we have you all helping us on this journey. Bless each of you!
I hope you had a wonderful day filled with peace and hope!
Grammie Jen
Julia last Christmas Eve, sampling some of Santa's cookies.

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