Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grammie's Report

My goodness angels I am such a late poster!!! My angel was with her other grands - Nona and Grandpa Don. Grandpa slept at the hospital and kept an eye on her and then Nona sent him home to sleep and she held and loved my sweet pea. I guess they had a nice day and were waiting when mommy and daddy and Amanda got there in the afternoon. They had had a busy morning getting their Christmas tree and getting the decorating done! They went back to the hospital after a crazy slow drive and spent the evening with Julia. Julia had a lovely time but is still having a few breathing issues and gave them all a real scare by turning blue and desatting, where her oxygen level bombs! A lot disconcerting! Glen is sleeping at the hospital tonight and Carrie went to join Amanda at Glen's step sisters house. I may be going over tomorrow to take Amanda home but we shall see! Each day is an adventure! My girl is doing better in so many ways and we know that we will figure out what is going on. My little angel is probably just very confused and scared as she becomes so much more aware what is happening! The down side to becoming more with it! I know that she is going to have a super day tomorrow and I will have a great report from all! Francesca will be seeing her and that will be wonderful for both Carrie and Julia!
Have a wonderful evening as we move into our second week of advent!
Love hugs and prayers
Grammie Jen

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