Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa's Visit

My dear ones! My sweet pea had an excellent day! Her ab Cat scan showed the strange fluid getting smaller and looking better. She is off the blood pressure med for 2 days now and is doing well. Her bowels are working and no temp and good WBC! Yeah! She will go to Oakland children's on Thurs. They will have her in PICU for one day and then to rehab! 

She started smiling with teeth showing when I started talking to her and the kissing began! When I told her I wanted to hold her she smiled and kicked her legs! I was able to hold her for over 3 hours! As usual after major kissing and some singing she went into a deep sleep for over 2 hours and Santa even came and she smiled sweetly and slept through the visit of Santa and his cute firemen reindeer!
We are realizing what a long road we still have to travel but are so pleased with how far we have come thus far! You all have been so instrumental in the journey and we bless and thank you each!

I gave up my precious girl when her Nona came and took over. She reports that Julia slept for 2 more hours and then was very smiley and moving a lot. They had a lovely time.
Glen went home to be with Carrie and Amanda at her Christmas program which was very wonderful and Carrie will
be back in Oakland tomorrow. Grandpa Don is staying with Julia. I got to come see my mom and will spend the night here before going home torrow afternoon. 

We all will be in Oakland Mon and Tues to spend Christmas with Julia and Amanda and family! So looking forward to that! Have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow as winter officially begins! Love you all and love having your uplifting!
Grammie Jen

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  1. The photo you included in this entry isn't there... lovely to hear of progress and hugs and prayers to you ALL.