Friday, December 14, 2012

Grammie's Update: Smiles despite a fever

My heart is broken for all of the people of Newtown CT! We all send prayers and love to all as they feel the horror of this day in their lives! I just want to hug and love my whole family and all my friends tight in a strong embrace of love! Our own struggles seem so inconsequential in the face of this tragedy!

On the bright side of life, my angel had a good day in spite of a fever of 102! Glen

 said she did great with therapy and they had an overall lovely day!

Carrie Amanda and I went on a brisk walk and ride for Amanda before they went off to the nutcracker ballet in SF. They had been looking forward to this for months! Oliver's grandma melody took the two five year olds and their moms! Carrie texted that they had the best seats in the house! A wonderful holiday treat for them all!

We are looking forward to major holding and kissing of our Julia tomorrow! She'd better look out!

Love to each and everyone of you - extra hugs and prayers to you all!
Grammie Jen

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