Thursday, December 27, 2012

Grammie Update

My dear sweet angels, today my little one had a good day. she did well on Pt and OT and did a lot of smiling. Her fever was down and her ab cat scan came back clear. They are going to treat her as if she has pneumonia as they want to be sure that that is not the problem. It actually still might be a virus, but they don't know. We still don't know when they might transfer but we hope it will be soon. Carrie and Amanda went home for the night so that Carrie can go to social security tomorrow am. They will return to Oakland tomorrow afternoon.

It was great because Aunt Samantha and cousins Connor and Molly went to see Julia today and both Amanda and Julia enjoyed it. Evidently Francesca and crew are going to go over on Monday for a day. That will be awesome.
Carrie locked herself out of Art's place today and wonderful Laura drove over to Oakland to get her back in. What a wonderful niece I have although I already knew it!!!!

I had a nice time with my friends the Power boys and mom and went to the ice rink in Folsom. It was a very brisk day and the rink was crowded but the boys were awesome and after we went and played a very fun board game. A lovely day!
Hope your day was wonderful and I am also excited because I heard that Aunt Bill will be over to be with Julia tomorrow. I can't wait to hear from him and what his take on my princess is!!!!

Love you all and love your prayers. Stay warm and enjoy your day.
Grammie Jen

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