Friday, November 30, 2012

A Ruptured Appendix

Miss Julia doesn't want anyone to get bored. Today's excitement: a ruptured appendix. That would explain the very high white blood counts, and her agitation. As soon as the surgeons cleaned out her abdomen, her vitals began to improve. They feel that they were able to do a good job getting her well cleaned out, and she should start to feel a lot better. She has been back in her room for a while and Carrie was with her. She was having some excitement with fluctuating blood pressure, but was relatively stable when I talked with Carrie a few minutes ago.


  1. Wishing this will be easier for you all. Hoping this is it for a long while and her healing gets much, much better.

  2. I hope this is truly the last complication, and Julia can focus her energy on healing fully. Sending love and strength to Julia's whole family.

  3. Wow! Never a dull moment, is there? You guys are ALL amazing! I too am focusing on this being the last "interesting" news and that from here on out everyone's attention can be on healing, rest, and well-being. Much love to Julia and everyone involved in getting her onto a path of health and happiness.