Monday, November 12, 2012


Update from Grammie Jen: 
My sweet pea is now in Oakland and a new learning curve and chapter has begun! My little Julia had a nice smile for Carrie last night when Carrie was singing and Carrie got a picture!! She also pooped but we think it was Carrie not the poop that caused the smile!
She made the transfer with a very large team that seemed very competent! There was an MD, 2 respiratory therapists, 1 nurse, 2 EMTs and Carrie how they fit
I know not! They had to stop to take out one of her IVs that had infiltrated and drain some csf when her pressure increased in the brain, but it was fast and good. Carrie actually slept the first hour of the ride!
The staff at Oakland is very good and competent! The bummer is that the PICU cubicles are tiny and there is no room for Carrie to stay next to Julia. She will be in the family waiting room with 5 other parents and 4 TVs which is a bit chaotic for my girl but it will be a learning curve. They do have showers available and a fridge so it will work out. Getting the rhythm is most of our new battle but as long as our girl is taken care of we are happy!

Your thoughts and prayers have saved me from totally losing today since I can't be there to protect my girls - so bless you!!! Tomorrow I will be able to get a clearer picture!
Love to you all and thank you for your continuing prayers.
Love and blessings my Julia's angels.
Grammie Jen


  1. Yeah for the smile!!! So happy things went smoothly.

  2. All our energy will be with our amazing Julia tomorrow. We can't wait to hear how wonderfully everything went. GOD SPEED, LITTLE DOLL!

  3. We will all be sending strength to Julia tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing her smile on the other side of this... hugs to the whole family.