Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good progress

Hello to all of Julia's circle,

Once again I'm posting from my phone, so forgive the errors! Julia had a good day today. One of her Broviacs came unthreaded and infiltrated, but they caught and removed it quickly and her other two lines are still working well. She was off feeds for a while, but is now getting the milk Carrie has worked so hard to pump. She pooped three times today! She got to hang out with her Nona, Aunt Samantha and cousin Molly while Carrie and Glen spent time with Amanda, and tomorrow Grammie Jen will be back in kissing range--watch out toes! She has been successfully off the ventilator again since yesterday morning, so there is now room for a sleeping chair next to her bed and Carrie or Glen can spend the night with her.

Wishing everyone a wonderful night,


  1. Julia's plight puts poops in a whole new category! Three cheers for poops!

  2. Thank you so much for the good news. We will keep Julia and the King family in our prayers.
    Vivienne & Madeleine Nishimura
    Dustin's Sister & Niece