Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rough Day for Julia

An update from Grammie:

Attention my loyal and wonderful Julia's angels! A down hill on the roller coast of returning to health. She is having big abdominal issues! She aspirated some bile into her trach and thus into her lungs. She is back on the ventilator to create pressure to keep her lungs inflated. She also has some kind of intestinal problem with a large amount of fluid buildup in her peritoneal cavity. They are testing for c diff [a nasty bacterial infection] and starting heavy duty antibiotics as a precaution! Therefore you are called into full service again. It has been a very tough 18 hours. Glen called in at midnight and was up with her all night. Amanda has gone to her cousins' house so she is in good hands and very happy. Unfortunately Terry's car broke down in the hospital garage so we will have it towed tomorrow morning and hopefully go from there. They are going to put antibiotics in the ng tube to help nail any bugs! So no feeding still!
Thank you all for reading this and standing with us! We love you all and are so blessed to have you in our lives!
Grammie Jen
A couple more things: the doctors were happy with her neurological exam this morning, and Carrie felt like she is starting to wake up a bit. She is opening her eyes a little and grimacing. Glen was able to sleep this afternoon, and the PICU is relatively lightly occupied tonight, so hopefully they can at least take turns getting some rest tonight.  She has a great deal of swelling in other parts of her body, but her head and face are less swollen, which seems to indicate she is healing from the surgery itself. The doctors are hopeful that she aspirated a small enough amount of bile that she will be able to reabsorb it without it causing any problems. Hopefully tonight will be peaceful and tomorrow will be a better day.

with love, 



  1. Praying and thinking positive thoughts!

  2. I'm sending love and healing thoughts your way, Julia, Carrie, and Glen!