Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grammie's Update

My little sweet peas nightly update! As many of you already know my little one had surgery this afternoon to put in a tracheotomy . It was a successful procedure but hard for all.
Julia had her eyes open this morning and seemed to be so close to breaking through the curtain that is separating us. It seems to her mom and I that as she moves forward we do something else to her! Of course we kno
w that it is to help move her forward but it is still hard!
They are moving her to Oakland on Monday and her big surgery will be on Wednesday. It is where we need to be but of course we are comfy here and it is hard to go to a new and unknown place. I know we will have support there but change is tough!
Carrie and Glen came over to my house for some dinner and bedtime with Amanda. That was good for all of us! We are ready to see what tomorrow will bring!
Julia listened while I told her about all of you who love her and are sending lots of love and prayers. I think she felt you all and knows that you are here for her.
My friends I can't tell you often enough how much I love you and appreciate all that you are doing for Julia and all of her extended family!
Bless and love to each of you
Grammie Jen


  1. We love you too Grammie Jen, even though I barely know you. You are so awesome and Julia gets so much of her strength from you. We wish we can do so much more for you all and Julia, it does not seem enough. Change is hard but it seems that is the only way through. Julia will always know you all did your best for her. Love, prayers and positive thoughts. Ana

  2. Such a beautiful photo of the girls! Praying for a quick & complete recovery, so Julia can share in many, many more special moments with her sister. God bless! xoxo

  3. The entire Linkhorn family is holding Julia & your whole family in our thoughts & prayers constantly. Each step is getting precious little Julia closer to healing & being
    her again.