Friday, November 9, 2012

Julia's toes

Grammie Jen has this update:
Nightly news on my little sweet pea.
My girl is such a fighter and trooper! You could see she was in pain by her eyebrow furrow today after her tracheotomy yesterday, first we mess with the back of her skull and now the front of her neck.
She responded to my kisses and song and wiggled her toes! Wow that was so cool! Daddy got her to do it a bunch more too! She gained two pounds since they st
arted the tube in her duodenum. She is definitely a fighter and a miracle.
Every one of you has helped get her to this point and I am so happy that you will be with us on our journey to Oakland on Monday and to the surgery Wednesday! We now know that the surgery is not 24 hours but as long as it takes which probably will be about 12 hours or so. Much better than what we were thinking!!!
Carrie and Glen had dinner here and put Amanda to bed again which is good for us all! We will figure out Oakland as we go! I am sure it will be a change but we will get into the swing quickly!
Enjoy your evening my dear friends and sleep with great peace and know what amazing things you are a part of!
Much love,
Grammie Jen
Meanwhile, Nona (Carole), who was with Julia while Carrie and Glen were spending bedtime with Amanda, reports: "Tonight she is quiet. I gave her a bath and a baby massage.  She fell asleep when I played her daddy reading her a story and her mom singing the moon song. She looks peaceful now."
This is one very loved little one! 


  1. She is an amazing little girl!

  2. You are all an amazing family. I am sure with all the love Julia is surrounded by, she will fly through her surgery on Wednesday with happy results! My thoughts prayers and Love are with all of you.
    James and Jeremy's Grammy (Pat's mom Debby)