Friday, November 16, 2012

A few more updates

Julia's surgeons continue to be very positive about her progress. They re-affirmed that they believe they got all but a microscopic amount of the tumor. At this point the plan is to monitor her closely, but not to do any kind of chemo or radiation unless the tumor begins to grow again. In the meantime, the focus is on helping Julia to heal from the surgery. She had seemed a bit agitated and uncomfortable, but was able to get into a deep sleep around mid-day and slept the day through with Carrie, Glen, or Grammie by her side. I got to see her for a bit too. So good to see her resting comfortably and to see her breathing on her own. It is possible that at some point soon they may be able to move a chair in with her so Carrie or Glen can sleep with her at night, but in the meantime they have their chairs reserved in the family room. Apparently those chairs are in high demand, so a careful eye is kept on them to make sure they don't disappear to another ward!

And from Grammie Jen:
My little angels update to all her big angels! She literally slept the day through which was excellent! I enjoyed sitting with her while Carrie and Glen got to get out for a while. I did get to kiss toes quietly and sing a tiny bit to put her back to sleep.
They are trying to get her blood pressure under control, but are thinking that it will improve as her swelling goes down, her little head is
quite swollen at the back but her face swelling has improved. When I think what that little one went through she is truly a miracle. 
I tried to get Carrie to come to my sisters with me to get some rest but she isn't able to be that far away yet . I may try to steal her away with Amanda tomorrow for dinner and bed! My sister is fab and was hoping that I could get her here for a break today! Here's hoping that Julia is doing better and she will give herself a break!
As always you make my heart full! Your prayers and thoughts so sustain us thank you one and all.
Much love
Grammie Jen

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  1. Thank you both so much for keeping those of us far away up to date. It makes being far away much easier.

    Much love from New York,