Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Grandparent Report

Julia had a good day today. Here are updates from Grammie Jen and Nona. Grammie first:

My nightly update on my amazing wonderful Julia! I am sitting here with Julia and Carrie as Carrie reads the Cricket in Times Square to Julia. They both enjoy it greatly!
I have been kissing singing and massaging my sweet pea as much as I can! Glen went to my house to do night time and dinner with Amanda.

Julia was able to wiggle her toes when I asked and grabbed my fingers. She looked like
she smiled when Carrie was singing Shenandoah to her! Tomorrow are 2 hours of MRI s and off to Oakland Monday. I may not get to spend as much time if any with her there so I am trying to get my kisses in!
Carrie and Glen took Amanda ice skating in Folsom today which was fabulous! My wonderful Kevin and Kelly came and fixed the Internet and got dinner ready for all! A wonderful day all around!
Your prayers and thoughts continue to sustain us! Thank you all so much we so need it!!!
Love to each and everyone of you with giant hugs.
Grammie Jen
And from Nona: 
When I visited her today she was sound asleep. It was the first time I felt her sleep was deep and peaceful without getting medication to help her. This will certainly aid her healing which will help ready her for surgery. Her White Blood Count was coming down a bit and she continues to be stable. This is important for her to be transferred on Monday and have surgery on Wednesday. Her uncle Vince and Aunt Heather sat by her bedside as mom and dad took big sister ice skating. 

Julia at her 2nd birthday party, showing off her hot air balloon face paint


  1. Sweet dreams tonight Julia. Sending you strength!

  2. Good luck with the move down to Oakland. We'll be thinking about all of you this whole intense week. Hugs.