Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grammie's Update

My sweet peas update!
My girl pooped twice today and was definitely keeping her eyes open a lot! She responded to my singing and kissing every toe and finger! We were hoping to remove the ventilator but she isn't quite ready for that and they will reassess daily! They have the stomach feeding tube and trach(possibly) scheduled for next Wednesday. So many of your prayers and thoughts are uplif
ting us and we just know she will push aside that twilight curtain and wake up soon. I can definitely feel her there. Carrie and Glen and Amanda are holding up remarkably well. We walked to a library about 1 1/2 miles from the hospital and checked out books and found out when programs are that we can take Amanda to are scheduled. It was lovely to get out and enjoy the beautiful unfallish day!
I tell her every day about many many of you and how you are sending her such love and prayers! The nurses sometimes hear me and are ever so impressed!
Keep it up my awesome core if wonderful people and your awesome extended friends! Each and everyone of you is blessed and blessed (same spelling but the second one is said bless ed!)
Love you all
Grammie Jen

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  1. Please tell Julia that Gracie and Sierra hope she is feeling better. Also please tell Amanda that Gracie misses her at school. We are thinking about you all -- all the time. Much love from our whole family.