Friday, November 30, 2012

More surgery

Hi All,
Please send extra good thoughts for Julia today. She has been having a rough day--very agitated earlier, blood pressure all over the place and a repeat CT scan showed something going on in her pelvis behind her bladder. Now she is in the OR so they can take a look--see the update from Grammie Jen below:

Hello angels! A busy day so far! I was awakened twice with flash flood warnings! Gets the heart pumping! The rain was definitely sounding like Noah proportions! But all was well and no floods to stop me from getting to see my little Julia! I have been kissing her tummy, fingers and toes! I didn't get to hold her as they had just brought her back from CAT scan of her abdominal. They have just taken her to OR for a laparoscopic procedure to get to the area behind her bladder that could be the cause of her high WBC. They are probably going to take out the appendix while they are in there! This girl is keeping us and the staff jumping!
We have the wonderful anesthesiologist that we have had before that reminds me of aunt nancy! We know our sweet pea is in good hands!
I will let you all know later what has gone on in the procedure and how's angel is doing!
Love you all and know your prayers are guiding the doctors right now!
Love til later
Grammie Jen

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