Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Ready for Oakland

Grammie Reports: 
Julia, my sweet pea is truly a wonder! Julia had two hours in MRI and they feel the tumor only went to c3 and no further in the spine! Yeah! She is definitely looking at us and I know seeing us! She wiggles her toes on command and moves fingers too! She sounded like she had a cough and the bite guard is off! That is really great! They were hoping to give her some blood tonight but couldn't get a vein. She was sleeping peacefully when Carrie and Glen got back from dinner and bed with Amanda. Amanda had a visit from her good friend Audrey from her baby group. They have been close for all their lives and it was so great for both. So nice of her mom to drive 2 hours each way for them to get to play! Carrie is blessed to have all of you and her moms group and so many more!
Once again I thank all of you and tell you how much your presence means to us and Julia! Bless each of you and I will let you know how the transfer goes tomorrow.
I won't go with them and will be there Tuesday so my love and prayers will follow them ever so closely !
Good night sweet team Julia!
Grammie Jen
Cute little pumpkins


  1. Carrie is one of our wonderful moms in the group. She has always been there for us and we will always be here for her :)

  2. I hope the transfer to Oakland went smoothly... thinking of Julia.