Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grammie Jen Update

My little sweet pea's update! 
I have been lucky enough to sit with her this afternoon as mom and dad are with Amanda and our Christina and her two for the afternoon! We need to get on poop detail as my angel had to stop the feeds until she can go. She hasn't gone since surgery and was getting very uncomfortable. Hoping it resolves soon so she can get nourishment and get stronger. She is still exhausted and is sleeping a lot which is healing for her. She is still off the respirator and looks so much better today as her swelling of both her face and head have gone down.I have sung to her and kissed those little pea toes whenever she has opened her eyes! I am not sure if she goes back to sleep for comfort or to escape me! Go figure!

So my loyal warriors we need to go for poop along with the strengthening sleep so she can wake up and be strong!

I love you all. Have a wonderful evening and I will post tomorrow .
Love, hugs, kisses and blessings
Grammie Jen

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