Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nightly Update Cold Water Edition

My wonderful angels, you gave us three poops yesterday but we need some today!
I was able to have five hours with my sweet pea this afternoon and it was so good to see her and kiss all toes nose and fingers and belly. She was very tired and they are trying to find out why her hemoglobin is low and WBC is up again! Could explain her being tired! She has a great nurse tonight which us good for all!
I brought Carrie and Amanda to their house tonight so Amanda can go to school tomorrow. We don't know how long Carrie will stay as she is already worried. Luckily Francesca made wonderful soup for us and helped us try to get heat and hot water. 50% was the best we could do. We have heat and are trying to get PG&E to come out tomorrow to help. Luckily they do cold water washing but it is cold! We may be showering at Francesca's tomorrow. Not big in the overall scheme of things. Hopefully all will rest well and tomorrow will be an awesome day.
We love you all very much and appreciate you!
Love you
Grammie Jen

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  1. If you all need a hot shower please let us know- we're right around the corner!! And anything else you might need.
    Continuing with loving thoughts for Julia and her family...