Monday, November 5, 2012

Update from Grammie Jen

My sweet pea' s nightly update!
My little angel heard your prayers and pooped twice! Yea! She also had the Foley catheter taken out again and hopefully it will be good and she will be able to empty her bladder on her own!!!!
They gave her blood this afternoon as her hematocrit had dropped dramatically and her heart rate was way up. The blood immediately dropped her heart rate which was great. They are going to try to take her off the ventilator slowly in the next two days and see if she can take over on her own! It would be so wonderful not to do a trach! She will have the abdominal feeding tube put in a week from wed. We are very happy and so prayerful that it works .

You are all helping to do this so know you are all appreciated and necessary!
Glen came for dinner and bedtime with Amanda which was great.
Continuing to hold my girl in my arms via prayer and thought! I do get to hold her hands and feet and at least shower them with kisses and sing her songs, which is probably sad for all in hearing but I love it!
Thanks as always and tons of love.
Grammie Jen

Joyful Julia at about 3 months

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