Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sharing an update from Julia's Grammie

We are missing that radiant smile

My dear little Julia update!
Not too much to report today but she is hanging in and trying to heal. Your prayers are so sustaining us!!!!
Today they tried to put a pick line in to replace the central line. They heavily sedated her and tried both arms but her little veins just wouldn't allow the line to be threaded to a larger vessel . She hasn't had a poop for two days because of her drugs, s
o we are hoping that function comes back. I think it is we need nurse Sarah back!!!
Tomorrow will have her docs back which will be good.
Carrie was able to come here to have dinner and read to Amanda and put her to bed which was quite grand. Julia was resting quietly trying to build strength!
We love you all and you are keeping us encased in your thoughts and prayers!
Lets all get a good nights rest and be ready for a great day tomorrow!
Grammie Jen

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