Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grammie Jen's Update

My peanuts update! She is in Oakland and it is a bit tough but tomorrow will be tougher! They worked for over two hours to get blood and it was brutal! They finally put an aerial line in and she was exhausted and had tears coming down her face and a furrowed brow but they got it! Carrie sang to her and she relaxed and seemed soothed. They will put a broviac line into her heart tomorrow prior to
the main tumor removal. They are planning to start at 8 am and go til they finish! The team talked to Carrie and Glen this am and told them it would be a very long and slow recovery and to expect her to be worse at first! So very hard as she has been making slow but steady progress.
Francesca came tonight after I left so hopefully she is safely there. Oakland isn't very user friendly and we will be in the main lobby waiting area. Carrie and Glen are going to have lunch with Amanda and she will talk to the family life specialist at 2. It will be a long day. But we will get through it with the help of all our angels! Thanks for being with us! We love and appreciate all you do. I hoping we won't get lost again tomorrow like we did on the way home tonight! Oakland doesn't have freeway signs - very strange! Or maybe it was because it was very dark! Pray for us all and the docs and team and my little precious girl!
Hugs kisses and love
Grammie Jen

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