Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nightly Report

I'm posting from the car after a quick visit with Julia, so please forgive my typos! Julia was awake tonight when I saw her, and it was wonderful to see her big blue eyes wide open. Her swelling has come down a lot, both in her head and her abdomen. She had physical and occupational therapy today, which went well. She is following directions to move hands and feet and is able to move all her fingers, which is huge. She is still on the ventilator while her body deals with having aspirated and will be for at least a couple more days. The follow up tests for c. diff came back negative--yay! Overall, she is making slow but positive progress.

Her Grammie sat with her today and bathed her in love while Carrie and Glen spent time with Amanda. So much love surrounding this girl!

Thanks for continuing to hold her in your hearts.


  1. Julia is truly amazing and all of you surrounding her and loving her are too. So happy to hear the good news. We keep sending unlimited amounts of love and good energy your way.

  2. SUCH good news! Sending continued support from afar.

    Auntie gg

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news! Keep it up, Julia!