Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keeping Things Interesting

My dear Julia's angels, my update is from afar as I came home to Folsom for a couple of days. I am having a hard time not being within kissing range!

Julia had another interesting day. She somehow had the trach come loose and block her airway! I think it was probably way more traumatic for Carrie than for Julia. She did get a little blue but they fixed it relatively fast although to Carrie it seemed like an eternity! According to Carrie she is doing great now and had good color and eagle nurse eyes on her! That girl is keeping us all hopping!
Glen said she did great with ot and pt this morning and they are working hard to get her blood pressure under control. She seems to elevate her blood pressure when in pain so they are getting a handle on it!
I have been trying to get some things done here at home. I enjoyed making stuffing and two kinds of cranberry sauce with my Kevin and Kelly. We will be joining them as they host their first Thanksgiving dinner. It is wonderful. Carrie and Glen will take turns being with Amanda and Glens family at his stepsister's home. She has graciously been hosting Amanda all week! It really has been great for all of us!
Your prayers and love and thoughts continue to sustain us all. I am so very thankful and blessed to have you in my life!
Have a wonderful evening and a day of glorious Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Grammie Jen


  1. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be thinking about you all, thanking for the progress Julia has made and wishing as always that we see a healthy Julia running and laughing soon.

  2. We will say a special prayer for you all this Thanksgiving. We are thankful that Julia is so strong and is prevailing. hugs to Julia's entire family!

  3. Wishing Julia and her family and extended family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving! Keeping all of you in our thoughts.