Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nightly Update

Good evening our faithful and most excellent and diligent angels! You are all so extraordinary!!! Julia and Carrie had a good night and a busy morning. Julia continues to baffle all the docs with her elevated WBC. This is the third or fourth time she has done this. My theory is that it spikes because she is scared and confused! They feel her bowels are working and her abdomen is soft and pliable. They will scan it tomorrow when she has her cat scan to check her ventricles. They clamped off her evd which is the external shunt and she seemed to be in pain which is evidently normal and the docs liked her using facial muscles - for Carrie not so great! They are giving her Tylenol for the pain. It took Carrie over an hour to calm her down but we are excited at all that is happening.

If the cat scan is good she will have the shunt removed and Carrie will be able to hold her!
That is such a joy to us all! I am washing a big soft blanker for Carrie to hold her in.

Amanda is doing great being back at school and Glen has been trying to get some rest! 
Carrie just called and Glen is leaving now as Julia's oxygen saturation is taking a nose dive! Not good so Glen is on his way! So new problem for you to work on and hopefully it will be rectified quickly!

Bless you all and thanks for supporting us on this journey!
More tomorrow !
Love Grammie Jen
And a later night update: Glen is back at the hospital with Carrie and Julia. Julia's oxygen levels were having some severe dips, but the doctors are theorizing that this is a result of her being upset and holding her breath. While this is both scary and sad, it may actually be a good indication that her level of consciousness is improving.  Poor girl is agitated, and who can blame her. All the more reason to hope that she can be snuggled in her parents' arms very soon. 

Sleep well, 



  1. julia, we are thinking good and loving thoughts for you and your family. Keep healing!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Hoping they can manage her pain and get her comfortable in Mama's arms!