Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post Surgery Day One Update

Quick update for Team Julia:

Carrie and Glen had to wait quite a while to see Julia last night, but were able to go to her by about 12:30. The team was continuing to work on addressing some post-op issues and she needed some more stitches, but overall she was doing well. Carrie and Glen got about 4 hours of sleep, and were back with her this morning when the doctors rounded. A few quick points from rounds:

Overall they are very pleased with how she is doing--everything is how they would hope and expect for this point post-op. They are gradually weaning her from the supportive measures that happen during and after such a big operation, while monitoring her extremely closely. She is scheduled for another MRI at 11:30. She is getting morphine for pain and I think is under some sedation, but she is still responsive, opening her eyes a bit, breathing over the ventilator, regulating her body temperature and showing other positive signs that she is tolerating this huge surgery well. That's our girl!


  1. Brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for the update Francesca. Yay Julia!

  2. Thanks for doing this blog, and keeping us up to date. Lots of your friends at Regional Parks are following and hope Julia continues to recover. Hope to see you soon. Steve