Friday, November 23, 2012

Good Progress Today

A good day after Thanksgiving to be thankful! Julia was taken off the ventilator this morning and is working hard on her own! Big news - she just pooped a few minutes ago! She waited til mommy and daddy got back! That's my girl!!!!

We were very blessed that our good friend Bill Hartley gave Glen and Carrie a break and stay with Julia from around 1 until about 6. They were able to spend the day with

Amanda and Glen's family at a nearby park. We were all excited to have not only a trusted friend but he is a nurse practitioner! The best of two worlds! He kissed her toes for me and sang a lot if Puff the Magic Dragon! He had only just left when she pooped and they are having a little problem with the broviac in the chest. Hopefully it will not be a major problem. Carrie was so excited about the poop and is now having to worry about the broviac. A crazy ride!

Your prayers and messages and thoughts and virtual hugs mean the world to all of us and you make this journey doable!

I treasure each of you more with each passing day! I hope you all enjoyed this incredible day.
I love you
Grammie Jen

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