Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Update

My dear angels, I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful day. There is so much to be thankful for both big and small!
I was thankful that my little sweet pea was doing better and had a lovely massage from her Nona and even though it is extremely hard she is becoming more aware and therefore more agitated when those she loves are not with her and that is a new challenge for her and those that care for her. She is trying a tiny bit of nourishment in her ng tube and we are told there are faint bowel sounds so we are back on poop patrol! 
 We need to send resting vibes to my Carrie as she struggles with a sadder little one when she is so tired herself. I hope she can get back her sleeping chair as it got appropriated by others last might! Too many sick kiddos at the PICU! 
Julia was getting her Mona Lisa smile this am and hopefully tomorrow a smile will appear!

I was blessed to have a lovely time with Kevin and Kelly and her family. They did a phenomenal job on their first Thanksgiving dinner! I almost felt guilty for having such a lovely time while Carrie and my Julia were in the PICU! I look forward to having them both with us at Christmas! 

You are all such a wonderful part of my life and I am so lucky! If you do go out for madness tonight I hope you are careful and have a joyful non stressful time. I will be happily esconsed in bed!!!!

Love to all
Grammie Jen

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