Saturday, January 5, 2013

Transferring tomorrow

It looks like Julia is scheduled for her transfer to Children's tomorrow! Grammie spent yesterday with her, and she had a great day for the most part. Grammie says:  "she worked so hard during therapy! It was fun to see her working hard at the tasks and being successful . She and I read books and practiced kicking and I do believe she can see, and I could swear she tried to cough and swallow! She is trying! You are great in your help! We will get there! I was so late because when Carrie, Glen and Amanda came and then left for Art's for dinner she spiked a fever of 102 and her heart rate was up in the high 170-190s not good!!! They ordered and did lots of cultures and bugged her a ton! When they were done I asked her to kick her feet if she wanted me to hold her! She about knocked the bed over! I held her until Glen came back and took over, it was tough leaving!"

Today Julia was fever free and all the cultures they did yesterday were negative. She got to ride in a special wheelchair for just a few feet around her bed, which she loved. Nona and Grandpa Don are visiting this weekend, so she had lots of grandparent snuggles today and Carrie and Glen will have extra help for transfer day tomorrow.  

Wishing everyone a wonderful night, 



  1. Keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes well tomorrow!

  2. I know everything will go well and she will thrive once she is there. She has already gone so far, she is one amazing girl :)