Saturday, January 19, 2013

My little angel had a good day in spite of little sleep and a very high fever and numerous tries to get an IV in and numerous tries to take blood. Her fever was 103.7 [due to a staph infection diagnosed last night] and her heart rate was 200. They need to give her a transfusion but they can't get the blood to do the type and cross match. A bummer! We know it will work out soon! 

 She had a fun time with Grandpa Terry and did tons of smiling and sticking out her tongue and just being darn cute! She seemed to love hearing him read her stories and he just loved all the smiles. He said that OT and PT came at the same time and when they sat her up and gave her a massage on her sides and back she was practically purring. She is exhausted as they finally got the IV in at 4 am. We just hope that it will last and be able to be used for the transfusion and antibiotics. They were going to do both a spinal tap and an abdominal CAT scan, but they canceled both and Carrie was glad of that so she didn't have to go through more things. 

After Carole and Don got there this afternoon Terry left and the doctors and staff told Carrie that she had to leave and get some sleep! She was a bit of a mess! She is now home and I hope taking it easy! It has been a rough week! The wonderful news is that Julia is doing so many things that she hadn't been before. Terry is so sure that he heard a sound when she was in full smile and seemed to be giggling! and he says the tongue is great and he had her working to bring it to midline and to both sides! She is trying very hard and getting more successful. That girl is just amazing!

Hopefully we can get the transfusion done and that will bring her heart rate down and then maybe we can get a handle on the staph infection. We want her to keep the forward motion going. Thanks so much for all your prayers and thoughts. They do help. Love you all and hope you are enjoying this lovely weather! Here it got up to the high 50s and felt a lot like spring! A bit early but very nice. I swear it is colder in my house than outside!
Love you all,
Grammie Jen

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