Monday, January 14, 2013

The Desat Mystery Continues...

My little angel is tricking us again! She started desating on Sunday night after everyone left and she was so very sad! Now she is doing it for no apparent reason.
Every time Glen left the room she would desat. Carrie was with her and she was playing the piano with one foot and messing with the abacus with the other and having a fine time when she desated twice. What the heck!!!
Carrie and Glen will try to enjoy their last night in the family house. They have to leave to give the room to someone else. They hope that they might get in again at a later date. So it is sleeping under the sink again. Bummer!!! I didn't even get to see it! Boo Hoo!

We are trying to come up with questions to put before the doctors on Wednesday morning. If you have any ideas that we may not have thought of let me know. The list is already forming.

I love you all and know you are working hard and we appreciate it. We need to figure out what this desat stuff is about and get back to the great last few days we had. The neat stuff is that the PT is trying to arrange a trip outside for Julia by the end of the week taking a nurse and such so that she can go. I sure hope it can be worked out. She did desat during PT this morning so they have to have all the equipment and staff present to keep her safe. It would be so wonderful for my girl. Lets hope and pray that they can figure out how to make that a possibility.
Grammie Jen

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  1. Hello, have they checked her Vagus Nerve function? My dad had desat issues a few months ago & it was his Vagus Nerve...his was resolved with a pace maker. Prayers from La Jolla, CA. Amy Adams