Friday, January 11, 2013

Sleepy Girl

My dear ones, my little angel had a very sleepy day! They gave her Benadryl to help dry up her secretions a bit and it made her very sleepy. Glen said that she did wake up and he had a really fun time with her and she was very responsive. That was good. She only had 6 desats [when her oxygen levels drop] as of a few minutes ago. Still very scary and they are still trying to unearth the cause. I guess two docs who hadn't seen the entire thing saw it twice tonight and it blew their minds! They had thought that everyone was exaggerating. Now they know how fast and scary it really is. Now a few new ideas are flying. They did an echo, which ruled out a hole in her heart. They are still floating the bronchoscopy and we shall see. She did have therapy and other than desatting during it she had a good workout. 

Last night Don went over to see what was happening and he saw her spike another temp and got them to do a CBC and found that she had a 22,000 WBC. The blood culture was drawn immediately and it is growing staph so they have started her on antibiotics. They are afraid of it getting to the graft in her brain so they wanted the antibiotics right away. Good call. We hope it will go okay. So glad Don was there.
He went home this afternoon but he and Nona will be back tomorrow morning to help with Amanda. She, Don and Glen will go to cousin Conner's basketball game while Nona and Carrie are with Julia. Amanda is not allowed to visit Julia [she is on  "precautions" in case she has anything contagious, which restricts her visitors] so they are trying to find things to keep her busy. She was bummed to not be able to see her sister, but I am sure that Daddy and Grandpa will do fine with the help of the cousins! Nona has promised to give multiple kisses for me! 

I am on the mend I do believe! I will probably get a flu shot even though we think I had a form of it, but it can protect me against some others. Get your shots!!!! Stay healthy! We need you!!!
We need to work on this desat thing strongly and clear up this infection and wipe it out for good!! I know you can do it! 

Love to all and will update after I talk to Nona and Carrie tomorrow!
Grammie Jen

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