Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Good Day

My little angel had another good day!!! Yeah!! Carrie said that yesterday was so outstanding that today was good but didn't pass up yesterday! Terry went and was very impressed with our girl. He hadn't seen her in just a little over a week, but said he felt she was definitely improved! Her movement and general alertness and her smile were all bigger and better! He was excited because he got to see three of his girls! He was skunked by Miss Amanda at Shoots and Ladders and got to read a ton of stories to both girls. He says that the family house is quite nice and is so glad that they are getting to use it. Julia had two small desats today, but they were small and quickly under control which is great!!!! She is still considered contagious over the bacteria that is growing in her trach, but I guess it is resistant to antibiotics and they, I guess, can't treat it. Not real sure about this! The thorazine seems to be helping with the desats and that is very very good! So glad that they were able to take out her IV line when they dced [discontinued] the vancomyicin. That was very good!
Carrie has taken Amanda home and will stay until Uncle Vince gets settled in Monday evening. She may go Monday night so that she is there for morning therapy, but still playing it out. Amanda may want her there until Tuesday morning since she will be in Oakland thru the weekend.
I am luckily feeling much better and don't hack my lungs out continuously - just a couple of times an hour. My fever broke and I am hoping I can see my girl at the end of the week. We shall see! I want to be sure I am completely better before I go! Can't afford to give my sweet pea any other nasties!
You are all doing a great job. Keep it up and hopefully I will get Glen to give me lots of great news tomorrow!
Love you all,
Grammie Jen